17 October 2011

Tour War-Torn Europe by Tramp Steamer: Review of Dark Voyage

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I generally enjoy the heck out of Alan Furst's novels. The atmosphere he creates is very immersive, and even when the main character is a bit inscrutable, supporting characters can just send your brain spinning off into the possibilities of their backgrounds and futures.

This volume is one of the most disjointed of Furst's novels I've read. The narrative can jump several days, then backtracking as our PoV character thinks back to how they survived the last cliffhanger. The role of S. Kolb feels a bit like a red-herring, never truly panning out. The ship-board setting feels a bit thinner than wartime Paris common in other volumes.

For all those complaints, I still recommend the book. It was a fun read and a nice break between denser fare.

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